Findyour202visionlogo-onedayworkshopA one day personal development workshop that will help you find the one big thing you what you want focus on and achieve in 2020

Have you set your Goals for 2020?

Take time out to focus on you and make 2020 different!! In this exciting workshop you will have the opportunity to work with 2 highly experienced coaches and learn the practices and habits to support your success and ensure the change you want “sticks”.

By reflecting on missed opportunities from the past and looking at possible opportunities from the present the workshop will:

• Clarify the ‘one big thing’ that will make a significant difference for you in 2020.

• Share tools and techniques to help maintain your motivation and keep you working towards achieving your success in 2020.

• Show you how to form habits that will support you to succeed.

• Identify realistic actions that support the ‘one thing’ you want to achieve.

• Teach you about the benefits of taking stock to regularly review progress towards making that change in 2020.

• Help you maintain confidence with the going gets tough.

• Provide a supportive fun group environment for you to work on your 2020 vision


Who will deliver this Workshop?

This workshop is a collaboration between two highly experienced and successful specialists in the field of Coaching and Training – Joe Barrett and Padraig O’Connor.

Joe – As a trained and accredited coach, Joe, has over 30 years people management experience, having held senior HR Director roles within a number of multinational organisations . Since 2003 he has worked as a coach and HR consultant with a wide range of private and public organisations. His experience combines practical understanding of real-world business performance with a proven record in enabling individuals to reach their full potential.

Padraig – A Coach and Training Consultant who has helped thousands of people transform their professional lives across Ireland and the UK. Padraig’s training delivery approach is highly engaging, structured yet dynamic, affording the participant opportunities to learn as every possible juncture resulting in a top class learning experience.


Event Details

  • Where – Radisson Blu Hotel, Athlone, Co.Westmeath

  • When – Saturday February 1st 2020

  • Time – 09.30am -4.30pm

This is a one day Workshop. Final agenda will be confirmed at a later stage. Ticket price includes Lunch and refreshments. If you have any questions please contact Padraig O’Connor on 087-7058989


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Coaches Joe Barrett & Padraig O’Connor