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Gone are the days when people spent their entire working life in one job, or organisation. Whether you’re stuck in your role, planning a career break, entering the profession or considering your options, Coach Your Goal offer one-to-one support and guidance with an accredited framework to help you in this decision-making process.

If you’ve evaluated your reasons for changing careers, you may have a good idea about the type of jobs you want to pursue. You may, however, only have a vague idea about the direction you want to take.

Using Harrison Assessments, an online, quick and easy assessment, Coach Your Goal create a career report to analyse your opportunities. Not only does it give us information about suitable career options, it also gives us a lot of information about what you possibly enjoy from your current or previous jobs.

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Typical Questions My Clients Ask

  • I’m unhappy in my job and can’t figure out why?
  • My job lacks meaning, satisfaction and I no longer feel passionate about it. What can I do?
  • I feel undervalued in my role , would a change in role address this?
  • I need help getting myself prepared to go back to work after parental leave, what are the next steps?
  • I know what kind of work I don’t want – but I’m not sure what I do want. Can you help?

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It’s difficult to face these career challenges alone. When your career isn’t working, it affects everything in your life. Career coaching helps you to minimize that risk and manage the uncertainty.

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1-2-1 Training
Take control by discovering the career that’s right for you

When you sign up to Coach Your Goal, we will have a discovery call to understand your needs. Afterwards, we’ll send you a link to complete our career assessment. Then we’ll hold a debrief session with you just to make sure you’ll interpret the information from the assessment reports correctly.

Following on from this we’ll get down to the business of working with you and using all the information we have to see how the career options that appeal to you fit into the broader context of your life plan.

Between sessions, we will provide you with some light homework to work on the outcomes from our session. Don’t worry, we’ll provide material and tools to support you with this. The aim here is to look at each of the career options in more detail and consider there impacts in terms of educational requirements, lifestyle, responsibilities of the job, promotion prospects, salary prospects, and what’s the demand like for such a job near where you live and so on.

This will inform the final step. – deciding on your top 3 prioritised choices. For each of these choices we’ll put together a plan outlining the next steps you need to accomplish any one of them. From here, you’re on your way to realising a new, exciting and fulfilling career.

Read more about our approach using the Harrison Career assessment here.

Success Stories

Hodgins Nutrition
He helped me think about the type of clients I wanted to focus on. One of the niche areas I identified from the day was thyroid health This is a big one for me to develop this year.
Cathriona Hodgins Hodgins Nutrition
Kieran McNally
​Before I met Padraig, I’d have lots of business ideas, I’d start them all and never finish them. Padraig got me to think clearly about where I wanted to take my business, and the steps I needed to take in stages to achieve it. I found this of great benefit because for the first time my business is achieving long-term goals.
Kieran McNally