Change Management

Bringing your people through organisational change

Are you finding it difficult to get things done on time? Does it always feel like what should be a priority is the last thing that gets done?

Many organisations struggle to get the right things done at the right time. Ineffective organisational structures can lead to:

  • Struggling to respond to your customers’ needs in a timely fashion
  • Not delivering benefits the customers expected
  • Not meeting deadlines on a continuous basis

Employees may be feeling frustrated by the organisations inability to create environments where they can do their jobs effectively. Often, this frustration may not be fully appreciated, or even recognised by the organisation.

Organisations often look to address their effectiveness to deliver products or services by introducing new  processes, new tools (hardware, software, machines and so on) while at the same time attempting reorganise the people in the company to reflect these changes.

Understanding Change

While these actions tend to be logical and well thought out, what tends to be overlooked is the human impact these changes will have on people.

Introducing new delivery processes, tools and so on means you are introducing change. Organisations tend to underestimate the fear change creates for most people. Many employee’s initial reaction to an overexcited executive’s pitch about all the great benefits this change will bring is WILL MY JOB BE SAFE? If these concerns are not properly addressed, they will not hear, nor care about any of the potential benefits the proposed change will bring.

Continuous failure to recognise and address any fears or concerns will result in a highly compromised rollout of any new work practices. As a result, little change will occur and change happens in name only.

Change Management

Key Benefits

  • You will have more people buy-in into the rollout of new work practices and the supporting organisational benefits they will bring.
  • There will be fewer people issues when implementing the changes.
  • Employee input towards organisational change leads to better results and to better business.
  • Increased motivation: employees won’t view the re-org as something that was imposed upon them, they’ll view it as something they were part of.
  • Increased employee ownership for the role they play as part of the changes made.

How can we help?

Coach your Goal will work with you to create a plan and implement an approach that incorporates greater employee input. This will ensure agreed changes in work practices yield the desired results. We will work with you identify the key roles needed for the rollout together with establishing who in your organisation are best suited to these roles.

A plan will be developed provide the appropriate coaching and training so the skills are in place to elevate employee fears and to transition them into the new organisation structure where they will feel empowered to take ownership of the part they’ll play in the company’s success.

Success Stories

Hodgins Nutrition
He helped me think about the type of clients I wanted to focus on. One of the niche areas I identified from the day was thyroid health This is a big one for me to develop this year.
Cathriona Hodgins Hodgins Nutrition
Kieran McNally
​Before I met Padraig, I’d have lots of business ideas, I’d start them all and never finish them. Padraig got me to think clearly about where I wanted to take my business, and the steps I needed to take in stages to achieve it. I found this of great benefit because for the first time my business is achieving long-term goals.
Kieran McNally