Employee Talent Development

The purpose of the development programme is to help your people gain a better understanding of their behavioural strengths, and weaknesses relevant the role they perform today or want to transition to in the future. The work carried out in this programme will feed into the employees’ development plan as agreed with their manager.

You and your people will gain a deeper understanding of how to utilise their strengths more effectively in the organisation and have a more positive impact on their performance. The program also provides the opportunity for development of skills and traits that if left unaddressed, may be hindering their job performance.

The programme outline is as follows:

  1. Coach Your Goal meets with the manager to review and agree the role descriptions for each person participating in the programme.
  2. A briefing is held by Coach Your Goal with each employee outlining how the programme is delivered and to discuss expectations.
  3. Each person completes the on-line Harrison Assessment.
  4. Two sessions are conducted with each person with the purpose of:
    1. Debriefing them on interpreting information in each assessment report correctly.
    2. Helping them relate this information to their current role and how it impacts their current performance. Information can also be related to any future roles under consideration.
  5. A third session is conducted to help them formulate a developmental plan that they will discuss and finalise with their manager.
  6. Coach Your Goal debriefs the manager on the main outcomes of the employee debriefing and coaching sessions. This helps the manager prepare and formulate options they want to discuss with each person that includes how the company’s goals and objectives can be supported through the development plan.
  7. The resulting development plan is finalised with each person who has participated in the programme..