Interview Preparation

Here at Coach Your Goal we tailor your interview preparation to your specific needs.

We will ask you to provide all the information you have about the interview including but not limited to:

  • Job description
  • The format the interview takes
  • Your CV

Any information you had to provide to the company about competencies you have demonstrated specifically related to the role on offer.

We will take the time to review all this information before we even meet and tailor an approach that’s just for you. You see, no two people are the same and everyone needs different tools and approaches for their preparation. You’re no different. Also, from our discovery consultation call, I’ll get a good sense of how you like to prepare for things like an interview, so we will tailor our approach to suit your style best.

Our interview sessions will cover all of that you’ll need for your preparation. Some areas may get more focus than others, we’ll discuss how best you want to use the sessions because you may only want or need help with a particular part of the interview preparation process.

We may decide that the focus should be on formulating well-structured answers to questions you’ll be likely asked in the interview and we’ll have the opportunity to craft and practice those answers in the session. Or we could decide that the focus should be on creating a more of formal ‘mock’ interview environment where you feel you have answers already prepared so I will conduct a few timed mock interviews in the session and provide you with constructive feedback that you can use. Or we may decide that you’ll need both the answer preparation and mock interview sections.


  • Prepare structured answers to questions your likely to get asked.
  • Opportunity to practice answers to questions
  • Learn best practice when it comes to conducting yourself in an interview
  • Gain confidence by being fully prepared