Organisational Effectiveness

Engagement & Retention, Communications, Process & Performance

If you have created an effective organisation, it’s likely you’ve followed a similar approach to what is outlined below:

  • An organisation structure template and the supporting processes were created that support doing business very effectively.
  • The critical roles for the structure were identified and created.
  • Suitable candidates were identified for those roles.
  • All employees were transitioned into the new organisational structure with relevant training and coaching support.

However, a key component that’s often overlooked is establishing what your employees view as important to them in the work they do and the environment they work in. Having insights into what each of your employees views as important is vital if they are to sustain motivation and maintain productivity.

The more aligned each employees ‘wants’ are with what the business offers, the more motivated and happier they will be. With increased engagement comes increased effectiveness and productivity.

We can all fall into a trap of thinking that employees surely must value what we value as business owners or senior management. This could not be further from the truth and failure to recognise this could result in key employees leaving the company at a great cost in lost expertise together with the time and money spend to recruit and train their replacement.

What Your Employees Want

Every employee is different and every employee will value aspects of work and their interaction with the work environment in different ways. For example, below are typical wants employees will value from work and its environment.

  • Training and Development
  • High pay
  • Quick pay increases
  • Challenging work
  • Autonomy
  • Better Work/life balance
  • Appreciation
  • Recognition
  • Wants to lead
  • Wants option valued

When you know what your employees want, you are in a position to see how well the business fulfils them. Where there is transparency of employee expectations, together with what the business expects from employees in terms of performance and commitment, now a conversation can be had to agree the best way forward for both parties to close any gaps in expectations.

Key Benefits

  • You get to know exactly what you offer employees (apart from a job!!)
  • You get to know what they want from the job and the workplace
  • Less frustration and anger both on the business owner/managers side and employees side due to unrecognised or unacknowledged expectations
  • You can address the expectations gaps and agree way forward (if the employee are deemed unrealistic accommodate then as least they know where they stand, but be prepared for their likely departure.)
  • Less employee churn, reduces cost of hiring replacements
  • You’ll attract people that are more suited to your company culture. Because you know exactly the type of person you want together with the benefits and work environment you offer, you can state this explicitly in the job advertisement.

How can we help?

  • Evaluate the companies organisational structure, its supporting work environment and establish what facets could be meeting employee needs or be sources of frustration.
  • Through the use of Harrison Assessments assessment, evaluate each employee’s expectations and create an analysis showing where their expectations are meet met and where they are not.
  • Work with management and employees to establish a clear strategy and plan to bridge gaps in expectations both on the part of the employee and the company.

Success Stories

Hodgins Nutrition
He helped me think about the type of clients I wanted to focus on. One of the niche areas I identified from the day was thyroid health This is a big one for me to develop this year.
Cathriona Hodgins Hodgins Nutrition
Kieran McNally
​Before I met Padraig, I’d have lots of business ideas, I’d start them all and never finish them. Padraig got me to think clearly about where I wanted to take my business, and the steps I needed to take in stages to achieve it. I found this of great benefit because for the first time my business is achieving long-term goals.
Kieran McNally