People and Development

Bringing people and business together as one

Investigating the potential of your workforce is key to improving productivity and economic growth. Your employees are your number one asset. Through assessment and audit Coach Your Goal will help you to take that closer look and determine if you have the right people in the right jobs and if you have the appropriate organisational structure in place to support your business.

By reviewing your existing organisations performance, we can uncover skills gaps that have led to staff having difficulties performing their role, along with leadership and management issues, roles and responsibilities that are not well defined and, in some cases, job roles that have evolved where the original description is now obsolete.

The Results

The result of the assessment audit is an execution plan that has a number of different actions the organisation undertakes, for example:

  • Actions where some of your people will need specific training plans to upskill so that they to perform their job more effectively.
  • Actions to transition some people into other roles in the organisation where their skills can be better utilised, we work out a plan to enable them transition into it (possibly a combination of training, coaching, mentoring).

Coach Your Goal works with you to build into the organisation a structured plan to regularly review existing practices and adjust based on the results. We work with your people to make the new organisation work. We do not ‘impose’; we work with you to initiate ownership within any given role. Communicate, listen, take on board, implement.


5 Key Benefits

  1. Clear visibility of your people’s key strengths along with any areas for development.
  2. Impediments your organisation structure has that’s causing hindrance to business performance (e.g. decision bottlenecks).
  3. Address specific areas of the business where talent gaps are having a negative effect.
  4. Opportunity to realign the organisational structure to better utilise the strengths of your employees, resulting in a business that delivers value to customers more effectively.
  5. Your people will be more engaged and empowered in the business, leaving more time for you to focus working on the business rather than in the business.
People and Development

Success Stories

Hodgins Nutrition
He helped me think about the type of clients I wanted to focus on. One of the niche areas I identified from the day was thyroid health This is a big one for me to develop this year.
Cathriona Hodgins Hodgins Nutrition
Kieran McNally
​Before I met Padraig, I’d have lots of business ideas, I’d start them all and never finish them. Padraig got me to think clearly about where I wanted to take my business, and the steps I needed to take in stages to achieve it. I found this of great benefit because for the first time my business is achieving long-term goals.
Kieran McNally