Workplace Skills Audit

Underperformance, poor motivation, low productivity, conflict and bottlenecks, there are so many impediments that frequently occur when people are not suited to their job. People’s full potential can’t be reached when they are in a job where their abilities are not fully utilised, and it frustrates them too.

Too often organisations are not utilising their people’s full potential. They can be ‘pigeon holed’ into roles where they underperform. However, seeing their strengths and redeploying them in another role that is more suitable for them can increase overall productivity and profits while reducing stress and frustration in the business.

Conducting a workplace skills audit is a great way to learn the true capability of your people. It empowers businesses to make informed decisions towards activities like project delivery, operations, re-organisations, redeployments, or in times when businesses need to scale up or downsize.

The Role of the Employer in Unlocking Workforce Skills

Organisations who don’t have a clear view of their people’s abilities and traits run the risk of creating negative outcomes for themselves. Organisational restructures aimed at taking advantages of business opportunities can be based on using unreliable hunches and a ‘best guess’ approach rather than solid data.

When you don’t have good knowledge about your people, the tendency is to look outside the business for the ‘new talent’ rather than looking inside the organisation to see who you can redeploy, saving on onboarding, time, and money.

We paint a comparative picture of the capabilities of your people against the behaviours and skills your organisation is looking for. Now informed decisions can be made to put together and execute a plan of who you need, where you need them together with considerations about how the ‘new’ organisation will look against the business outcomes set out.